Sewer and Drains

 Run a rooter and camera to find out where the problem lies and give options for a permanent repair. Repairs can be made if only a single blockage in your sewer. If you happen to have orange burg pipe, which is a tar paper, replacement is usually necessary. I do repairs and /or replace 2" drains under a house as well.

Water service and repipes​

 Repairs to galvanize and copper are usually done when there is a freeze or the pipe is very old. We use copper or Pex that is more common as it is much less expensive and takes less time  to install. When repiping a house, the water service from the city or county may need to be replaced as well to make sure the proper water pressure is made. 

 Water Heaters and Fixtures  

 Gas and electric are standard and we do On Demand heaters as well.  Bathroom faucets toilets and tub and shower valves.